The report of the conference "Women in Europe : Reaching Parity" (November 19) is now available

Report of the conference "Women in Europe : Reaching Parity"

The Robert Schuman Foundation, together with FAES, the Constantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy, the Ano Pro Evropu Association and the Ithaka Foundation, organised a conference on “Women in Europe : Reaching Parity” on November 19th. This event was finalised with the support of the European programme “Europe for Citizens”. The report of the event is now available on this website, together with the complete speeches and a selection of photos.

report with videos
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Report of the conference

Report of the conference "Women in Europe : Reaching Parity" - November 19th

On 19th November 2009 the conference “Women’s Europe....
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"Women in Europe" : the speeches

On November 19th, the Schuman, FAES, CKID, Ithaka and ANO Pro Evropu...
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"Women in Europe. Reaching parity" : the photos

Discover the pictures of the conference "Women in Europe. Reaching...
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Presentation of the project

Women are under represented in politics. Only 10 countries of the 27 EU Member States rise above the European average of 25.27% of women in national government and 23.94% in national parliament. The under representation of...
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