Women and Europe before the European elections– Opinion poll March 2009

- 2009/04/14 -
Just before European elections, the Eurobarometer has question women and analyses their attitudes towars Europe. The majority of women participating in this March 2009 Eurobarometer opinion poll, as well as men but to a less extent, agree with the assertion that politics is a field dominated by men, with a very high percentage in the Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal. Most of respondents would like to see a greater participation of women in politics, more than half of them would like at least 50% of MPs to be women while only 10% consider that quota se would be useful. In the choice of a candidate for European elections, the most important factor for women is the experience in European affairs, 10 points more than political orientation. Men have a tendance to give the same importance to both experience and political orientation. According to the Eurobarometer, 46% of women consider that their interest i not well represented in the European Union. Women of Luxembourg, Netherlands, Danemark are the most satisfied with the European union takes their interests into consideration, while Letton, Bulgarian and Hungarian women beleive the opposite.

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