Conference "The Participation of women in the social and political life", Athens, 25th May

- 2009/05/19 -
The Constantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy (CKID) will organize with the support of the European Commission a conference in Athens on “The Participation of women in the social and political life”, on Monday, 25th of May 2009.

The aim of this event will be to discuss the problem of unequal representation of men and women in the decision making process. Ιt will elaborate on the roots of this disproportion in male to female ratios, and it will present and evaluate the implemented policies at a European and national level.

The speakers will include: Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou (MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament), Olga Kefalogianni (Member of the Hellenic Parliament), Eugenia Tsoumani (Secretary General for Gender Equality, Ministry of Interior), Dr. Hara Karagiannopoulou (Visiting Lecturer of the Department of International and European Studies, Panteion University, Athens). The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Nikolaos Tzifakis (Head of the CKID International Cooperation Department).

The conference is expected to raise awareness on the dimensions of the problem, provide recommendations for the improvement of the relevant policies, aiming at stimulating women’s greater participation in high level posts in the domains of politics and economy.

A report will be subsequently published.

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