Conclusions of the Athens conference

- 2009/06/10 -
The Constantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy organised in Athens on 25 May 2009 a conference on “Women’s participation in the social and political life of Europe”.
Nikolaos Tzifakis, member of the Institute, moderated the debates between Rodi Kratsa-Tsangaropoulou (MEP, Vice President of the European Parliament), Olga Kefalogianni (MP), Eugenia Tsoumani-Spentza (General Secretary for Gender Equality in the Grek government) and Zacharoula Karagiannopoulou (Visiting Lecturer at Panteion University).
Among the 250 persons attending the conference, there were representatives of women organizations and other NGOs, policy makers and university students. The presentations were structured around two major topics: Institutional practice, both at the European and Greek level, and theoretical approaches.

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