Women in Europe: achieving parity
Women are under represented in politics. Only 10 countries of the 27 EU Member States rise above the European average of 25.27% of women in national government and 23.94% in national parliament. The under representation of women also continues in European institutions whether this is in the European Parliament that includes 31% of women MEPs or the European Commission with 10 women Commissioners out of 27.
The project "Women in Europe: achieving parity" managed by the Robert Schuman Foundation together with the FAES, the Karamanlis Institute, the Ano Pro Evropu Association, the Association for Equal Opportunities, the Ithaka Foundation and finalised with the support of the European programme "Europe for Citizens" aims to involve women in political life both on a national and European level and to propose real measures to be established by the Member States and the European institutions to achieve parity in terms of women's participation in political decision-making.
The internet site "Parity for Women" not only aims to present the work undertaken by the five partner countries (France, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania) but also to inform women about the policy the European Union is undertaking to improve gender equality and to raise European women's awareness of the issues at stake in the European elections which will take place from 4th to 7th June next.
Follow the citizens' forum and seminars that aim to rally women and men's opinion on the means to act to increase women's involvement in politics in the five countries involved in the project by visiting the chapter on " Activities ".
You can consult the policy for gender equality and the European initiatives that are working for this together with a list of links on women's condition in Europe in the chapter " European Policy ".
Speak out and react in our " Forum " by proposing new initiatives to increase women's representation in politics, but also in other areas to fight against differences in remuneration that continue in Europe or by suggesting new methods to reconcile professional and family life thereby encouraging women to enter society actively.
Your commentaries, remarks, proposals and suggestions will be presented as part of a European conference that will take place on 19th November in Brussels. They will be presented and discussed by national and European political figures together with MPs and civil servants, by representatives of the business world and specialists of the gender issue in Europe.