FAES, Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis is a private non-profit organisation that works in the sphere of ideas and political proposals.

Linked to the Partido Popular since its creation in 1989, FAES Foundation is presided by José María Aznar.

FAES is a leading think tank committed to nurturing the political ideas and activities of the liberal and reformist centre.

At the service of Spain and all its citizens, FAES seeks to reinforce the values of Western freedom, democracy and humanism. Its aim is to create, promote and spread ideas which are based on political, intellectual and economic freedom. Ideas capable of offering political alternatives to socialism and ways of thinking that are different. Ideas which can be adopted and turned into programmes of political activity by those in positions of political responsibility. .

The instruments FAES uses to achieve these aims include discussion groups, seminars, lectures, summer conferences (FAES Campus), and training courses. We issue electronic publications, a magazine (Cuadernos de pensamiento politico), reports called FAES Papers, and books published by FAES, and by our publishing house Gota a Gota. The Foundation also undertakes a considerable amount of activities in the field of international relations with other foundations and think tanks in Europe, the United States, and Latin America, as well as with experts and scholars all over the world.
FAES, Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis, in cooperation with the European Commission, is organising on May 7th and 8th its “Equality days in the European Union”.
On the first day, the debate will be opened by Jaime Garcia-Legaz Ponce, Secretary-general of FAES. His speech will be followed by a round table on women's challenges on the market labour. A debate on local authorities' action in fighting violence will follow. In the afternoon, a round-table will be dedicated to motherhood's protection. The day will end with a round-table on "New European Citizens".
May 8 will permit to draw the conclusions of the previous debates. A conference will also be held on women's role i politics. The day will end with a speech by Marino Rajoy, the Pesident of the Partido Popular (PP).

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Conclusions of the Conference
FAES, Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis, celebrated on May 7th and 8th the “Equality days in the European Union”. Among the participants of the first day, there were notably Sandra Moneo, secretary for equality and education policy for the Partido popular (PP) and Teresa Jimenez Becerril, MEP. The two women introduced the long day of discussions by pointing out the deficiencies of Zapatero’s government in equality policies and in fighting violence against women.
Local authorities, associations, researchers and parliamentarians tackled then different issues related to gender equality. Round-tables were focused on the challenges faced by women today, on the regional authorities’ role in fighting gender violence and on the protection of motherhood as a pillar of equality policies.
A debate on the new European citizens closed the day, with a panel composed of women having succeed in politics, business or in community life.