Insipred by the patriot generation of Romanians of 1848 who, being educated in Western Europe went back to Romania in order to build a modern Romanian state, the Ithaka Foundation wants to become one of the main actors of the new Romanian generation who can build nowadays modern Romania.

The Ithaka Foundation has as an objective to assist and encourage the actions in favour of youth, to be a voice of civil society in European public place by developping a new way of acting and by lobbying in favour of Romania’s integration in the EU, assembling organisations and personalities that share this objective.

Since December 2002, te Ithaka Foundation works on promoting the European integration process of Romania with a double aim :

To give Romanian civil society and especially Romanian youth the needed tools for acquiring critic and analysis capacities in order to have a strong voice in European dialogue

To highlight the Romanian contribution to this dialgue by improving awearness of Romanianstowards Europe and vice versa
On the 14th of May a one day conference will take place at the French Institute of Bucarest, organised by the Ithaka Foundation and the Robert Schuman Foundation and financed by the « Europe for citizens » programme of the European Commission, which is entitled « Women in Romanian politics – reaching parity ».

The conference aims at assembling in an unique occasion high profile women that hold key positions in Romanian political structures such as Roberta Alma Anastase, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Anca Boagiu, Vice President of the Senate or the Minister of Youth and Sport, Monica Iacob Ridzi, women jornalists (Dana Deac, programme Director, TVR), artist women (Mihaela Stanculescu Vosganian, founder of the Romanian Association of women in art) or scientific women (Mihaela Miroiu, professor at the Romanian National School of Administration) in order to share their experiences regarding women’s presence in the Romanian politics and society.

The conference will give place to conclusions and propositions to improve women’s participation in politics in Romania which will be published on this website.

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Conclusions of the Conference
The conference, organized by the Ithaka Foundation, in partnership with the Robert Schuman Foundation, and supported by the European Commission is part of a European project focussing on five European Member States: the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Romania and Spain.

The Bucharest event, benefiting the presence of Mr. Jean-Dominique Giuliani, President of the Robert Schumann Foundation, has gathered the most prominent women figures in the Romanian politics, such as: Mrs. Roberta Alma Anastase, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mrs. Anca Boagiu, the Vice President of the Romanian Senate, Mrs. Maria Mota, the President of the National Agency for Gender Equality, Mrs. Cristina Pocora, the President of the Gender Equality Commission in the Chamber of Deputies and former member of the European Parliament, Gabriela Cretu. These high profile political figures have expressed their opinions in respect to gender equality in Romania and the challenges that women face when entering the political arena.